One Night in Istanbul

One Night in Istanbul

Two people who have fallen on hard times Tommy and Gerry, two Liverpool cabbies, make an unconventional arrangement with a local criminal in order to send their sons on a vacation of a lifetime to Istanbul, where they would be able to witness their favourite football team compete in the European Cup Final. A sultry hotel chambermaid, two merciless robbers on a mission, and a suitcase of counterfeit cash are all on the agenda for the couple, who are hoping to use the trip as an opportunity to bond with their boys. At halftime, the team is trailing3-0, and the situation on and off the field could not be more dire. Tommy is in serious trouble after being kidnapped and kept hostage by Stevie G and the boys in red, who are attempting the greatest incredible football comeback in history. With the clock ticking and the clock ticking down, a miracle is required quickly and without fail! Ultimately, a little bit of faith, as well as Gerry's lucky underwear, may be all that stands between them from taking the cup back home.

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