There isn't much to see or do in rural Fulton County, Georgia, other from a few modest dwellings, a bar, a petrol station with a little supermarket, and a rubbish dump, to name a few things. Working at the garbage dump, Joel is an introverted individual who comes upon an occasional valuable glass bottle or two, which he cleans up and brings home with him. His ex-wife has vanished, and it is now his obligation to care for their son, he learns one day when he receives an unexpected phone call. Joel, who is about to meet his son for the first time, has no idea how he is going to establish a relationship with Will, a 10-year-old who appears to be living in a parallel universe. To their advantage, Clara, a brilliant girl from the neighborhood, comes to their aid, and Will begins to open up to his father as a result of her intervention. The youth welfare officer, on the other hand, is already hammering on the door. The feature film debut of filmmaker Jaron Albertin is a sensitive, slightly melancholy drama about two outsiders who come to a deep understanding of one another through the course of the film.
Duration: 99 min
Country: N/A

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