Find Me in Your Memory

Find Me in Your Memory

Jeong Hoon is an anchor of a news show which has the highest possible rankings. Jeong Hoon's good-looking face as well as ideal body number make him look excellent in a fit. Unlike his gentle appearances, he becomes an authoritarian all of a sudden and also begins asking hostile inquiries to whoever it is. Due to hyperthymesia, he keeps in mind every single thing taking place in 365 days a year since his childhood years. He can not forget the memory of the female he liked, Search engine optimization Yeon, that vanished 8 years ago. A climbing star that brings in every person's interest, Ha Jin, appears before Jeong Hoon then. In spite of all the interest, Ha Jin doesn't waver as well as maintains her confidence. Nevertheless, she has a key that her memory is fading away. The man who can not forget and also the female whose memory is fading away. Will they be able to conquer their difficulties, recognize each other, and also fall in love at the end?
Duration: 35 min
Country: South Korea
Production: MBC, Chorokbaem Media

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