Monsters is a horror anthology series that conducted from 1988 to 1991 and also re ran on the sci fi Channel during the 1990s. As of 2011, Monsters airs on NBC Universal cable station Chiller in sporadic week-day marathons. In a similar vein to Tales from the Darkside, Monsters shared the same manufacturer, as well as in some ways succeeded the show. It excels in certain respects. This show was horror while Tales dabbled in stories of fantasy and science fiction. As its name implies that each incident of Monsters featured into mutated, weapon-wielding lab rats from the animatronic puppet of a fictional children's tv program. Comparable to Tales the stories in chords were seldom action plots that are very straightforward and included some twist in often with results. Adding to it is an expression of comedy lost on horror productions that can lighten the viewer's mood in most cases added into the overall eeriness of the production.
Duration: 22 min
Production: N/A

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