Perfect World

Perfect World

At a meal with her client's entire team, an architectural firm, Tsugumi, an interior designer, runs across her high school sweetheart Itsuki. As a registered architect with a first-class license, Itsuki brings back memories of high school. He's also a lot of fun. While everyone is eating, he quietly gets out of the restaurant and heads home on a wheelchair. "What? You didn't know about this??" Itsuki was injured in a car accident in college and now he is unable to move." Her heart is pounding as she realizes that she can't fall in love with someone who is in a wheelchair. Dating someone like that is just not an option for me. Itsuki, a young girl who is fighting for her life, helps her face the reality of her condition, and as a result, she is overcome with feelings she has suppressed since she was little.
Duration: 45 min
Country: Japan
Production: N/A

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