Science of Stupid

Science of Stupid

This show unites a number of the most bizarre and hard mathematics, painful and most spectacular user generated clips recorded. If misguided individuals from all over the world and then explains the science supporting their own collapse and embarrassment with the usage of super slomo cinematography and cartoons richard Hammond presents all manner of mishaps including courageous. Every episode comprises 60 and between 50 clips of misadventure -- ordinary inhabitants making mistakes that are extraordinary. Each week watch stunts involving jumping over cars, who've gone wrong, paused, rewound, and replayed and analysed to find out what went wrong and why, shooting firearms or weightlifting. Richard explains the physics, chemistry and biology at play, then presents forensic details to spell out. He'll look at all containing weight, volume, momentum, combustion and also how the mind operates. This is misadventure explained. This really is the Science of Stupid.
Released: 2014-04-09
Genre: N/A
Casts: Richard Hammond,
Duration: 30 min
Production: Eyeboogie

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