The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor

David, a former journalist for the New York Times, is about to have one of the worst nights of his life when he and Robert, his weird new neighbor, unintentionally run into a girl who is riding a bicycle. In order to safeguard his professional reputation, David, who is intoxicated and confused, gives in to Robert's attempts to persuade him to flee the scene and assume that the girl has passed away. Robert does not exhibit any remorse, and in the name of friendship, he performs things that cannot be described in order to keep the secret safe. When David's hometown newspaper sends him to cover the story, he ends up meeting the murdered girl's sister Vanessa, which is when things start to spin out of control. At this point, the police are conducting a full-scale search for the person responsible for the hit-and-run. The two share an instant romantic connection, which surprises and disturbs David, while prompting Robert to take harsh steps to keep his new buddy to himself. Despite the circumstances, and her intense desire to discover the person who murdered her sister, she and Robert have an instant romantic connection.

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