The Mysterious Play

The Mysterious Play

Miaka, a student in a junior high school in Tokyo, has typical challenges such as disagreements with her mother, admission examinations, and the challenge of determining where she and her friends will eat. Then, in the library, she comes upon a curious book called the Universe of the Four Gods, and that moment marks a turning point in her life since it is then that she and her best friend Yui are transported into the book! As soon as they entered this new universe, the girls were ambushed by people who intended to sell them into slavery. They can't believe their good luck that a dashing young man just so happens to be nearby! Both of the girls are smitten with him after he rescues them from their would-be captors; however, he is just interested in making money. Both Tamahome and Yui are able to disappear when Miaka is not looking. It's possible that he abducted her in order to sell her for a profit. Yui has, unbeknownst to Miaka, been pulled back into the world that actually exists. After returning to the library, all she can do is continue reading about her childhood best friend's journey into the city to locate the enigmatic young boy and save her other buddy. But what lies in store for Miaka is not what either of the girls anticipates, and now the only way for Miaka to return to her planet is to become the Priestess of Suzaku and save their world. Neither of the girls expects this.
Duration: 25 min
Country: Japan
Production: N/A

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